Čtyři dny | Four days

4+4+1 Musical Night

Karolina Beranova, Jiný Metro, StayJ, The Valentines, 2L8

  • Saturday Oct 8 / 17:30—23:00, Erpet Smíchov
Price: 50 CZK (within an entrance fee for an exhibition)
You are cordially invited to a musical night held as part of the 4+4 Days in Motion festival. This year’s event is held at the former Erpet sports center and features Jiný Metro, Karolina Beranova, Viktorie Rose, StayJ, The Valentines, and 2L8. You can also look forward to an after party with Silverbo1. It all starts at 2pm with a mini-clothing swap in the garden where you can pick out something to wear 🙂 This is followed at 3pm by a presentation on the subject of “Fast Fashion” by Lennia, a student from Switzerland. Be sure to be there if you’re interested in this subject :)! We really look forward to seeing you!




Heartfelt English, picturesque Czech, fragility and self-confidence. Prague-based songwriter Karolina Beranova arouses a whole range of emotions with her songs. In terms of genre, she could be classified as chamber folk, dream pop, and indie. Her debut EP Please Be Gentle, which she released this April, consists of four songs possessing a dreamlike atmosphere and covering themes of selfishness and growing up. Karolina is also a visual artist, and for “Reaching” she created a black-and-white video that reflects her creative talents. Although the song is presented as a look back at her younger self, who looked up to others while searching in vain for her own identity, listeners get the sense that they have found a clearly defined artist worthy of our attention.

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Prague-based indie pop-folk band Jiný Metro was founded in 2018 as a duo with Katie and Klára on ukulele and kazoo. Over the past four years, they have added another nine musical instruments and, recently, a new member as well. In 2021, the duo released the album Rande s revizorem (A Date with the Ticket Inspector) and a video to the song “French Song.” Their song “Poslední tramvaj” (The Last Tram) hit the number one spot on Rádio 1’s “Big Seven” chart. Most recently, the band has enjoyed playing concerts and recording new songs.

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Love, pink, and guitars. Founded in 2017, the Valentines are a pop band from Hradec Králové that today features Honza Doležal on bass guitar and vocals, Ondřej Čepek on guitar and synthesizers, and Matěj Novotný on percussion. This young trio plays music somewhere between contemporary guitar pop and the eighties aesthetic of David Bowie’s Let’s Dance – in their own words, “happy songs about the saddest things.” In 2019, The Valentines won, Startér, Rádio Wave’s hit parade of undiscovered bands, thanks to which they got the chance to shoot a video for “Did My Back Hurt Your Knife?” Their single “Just Us” was the only song in the film Tiché doteky (A Certain Kind of Silence), which was nominated for the Czech Lion awards in 2019. The song, recorded in a room at home, earned The Valentines a spot in the Czech finals for the Eurovision Song Contest – just like two earlier songs produced by frontman Honza Doležal and Filip Vlček, who was responsible for the mix. The master for “Stay or Go” was produced by Ted Jensen, who had previously worked with such artists as Madonna, Talking Heads, Rolling Stones, and Bring Me the Horizon, among many others. 

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Prague-based soul-indie-rock band STAYJ (“Stay Jay”) plays positive, energetic music. The band consists of a classical rock line-up, plus saxophone, keyboard, and trumpet. In 2020, they released their first EP, Chapter 1: Stories, which was recorded in Prague and Edinburgh. In the summer, STAYJ visited several towns on a busking tour. One stop on the tour was Dresden, where the band met a homeless man who drew a picture of them while they were playing. The song “No Money to Spare” tells the story from the perspective of the man, nicknamed Hapi. The bands who performed at the song’s release party donated their earnings to “Přestupní stanice,” an organization that helps homeless people reintegrate into normal life. The main role in the video is played by people who sell the Nový Prostor street paper. According to STAYJ, their joy from life is something that we could all learning something from. The band’s most recently released song, “Palette of the World,” was composed this year as the official anthem of the 2022 Central European Jamboree.

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