Čtyři dny | Four days

Places of Act 2023

Everything’s Everyone’s
Exhibition of contemporary art — Prague, Erpet Smíchov
11. – 21. 5. 2023

It is difficult to face anxiety and skepticism today. We are actors of the climate collapse, whose consequences seem to be more threatening; we live in polarized societies, in which it is more difficult to find agreement on the basic conditions for coexistence. The tools designed for bringing people together start to fight back, so we feel lonely, isolated, and excluded. It is a paradox that we are getting better at realizing the complexity of the systems and processes we are part of.

They touch upon the established categories of reality, which requires rephrasing the roles we play. The exhibition Everything’s Everybody’s aims to take a stand based on the awareness of the interconnectedness of seemingly separated sets. Art that overcomes isolation contains elements of idealism as well as possibilities rather than impossibility. Art that overcomes futility, but does not deny the anxiety, uncertainty, and fears.

Curated by: Jiří Ptáček



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