Čtyři dny | Four days

Info & tickets

Archa Theatre, Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, MeetFactory, Studio Alta, ÚLUV Stadion Bohemians 1905 (Ďolíček), non-traditional spaces



Divadlo Archa Archa Theatre Na Poříčí 26, Praha 1  www.archatheatre.cz map
La Fabrika Alfred ve dvoře theatre Františka
Křižíka 36,
Praha 7
 www.alfredvedvore.cz map
NoD MeetFactory Dlouhá 33,
Praha 1
 www.meetfactory.cz map
Studio ALTA Studio ALTA U Výstaviště 21,
Praha 7
 www.altart.cz map
Alfred ve dvoře Stadion
Bohemians 1905 (Ďolíček)
Vršovická 1489/31,
Praha 10
 www.alfredvedvore.cz map
Former Casino ÚLUV – the building of the former Národní 36,
Praha 1
(vstup z Charvátovy 10)
Café Sládkovský Sevastopolská 17,
Praha 10
www.cafesladkovsky.cz map
Toni and Guy Dlouhá 13,
Praha 1
www.toniandguy.cz map
Tranzitdisplay Dittrichova 9,
Praha 2
www.tranzitdisplay.cz map

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Ticket Sale

Divadlo Archa
Na Poříčí 26, Praha, tel.: 221 716 333, e-mail: pokladna@divadloarcha.cz

Studia ALTA
at the venue – 30 minutes before the beginning of the performance

due to limited capacity, please reserve your ticket by email to dominika@meetfactory.cz, otherwise we can not guarantee the seat;
tickets are available for performances on October 16 an 19.

Místa činu – ÚLUV (Národní 36/38, Praha 1)
available at the venue

Bohémové na Bohemce
at the venue, ticket price 50,— CZK

commented walk through industrial architecture of Vršovice
at the venue (Café Sladkovský), ticket price 80,— CZK (in czech language only!)



Ticket price

Discounted prices are valid for students, seniors, ZTP-P, ZTP

Ticket Price / Theatre

adults / discounted [CZK]
Divadlo Archa 200—290,— / 100—150,—
MeetFactory, Studio ALTA, Divadlo Alfred ve dvoře 200,— / 100,—


Ticket Price / ÚLUV – Places of Act

adults / discounted [CZK]
Exhibition: Happiness 50,— / 30,—
Field Office Pragu 100,— (Oct 20+21)
Zlín sobě 50,—
TEDxPragueCinema I+II 120,—
Boca Loca Lab – Jiří Adámek: POŽÁR 150,— / 100,—
Václav Cílek: Site specific – Noah’s Ark at the foot of Mt. Ararat 50,— / 30,—
Other perfomances in ÚLUV are for free.



  • with the pass you can visit theatres: Archa Theatre, Alfred ve Dvoře, Studio ALTA
  • doesn’t valid for charged events in in the former ÚLUV and for performance in MeetFactory
  • first, you have to register here to get festival pass
  • how to get and use the festival pass
  • Pay and pick up festival pass is available only till October 12!



adults 700,— CZK
discounted / students, seniors, ZTP-P, ZTP 400,— CZK




Oct 17 10.15 pm MeetFactory → ÚLUV
Oct 19 10.15 pm MeetFactory → ÚLUV
Oct 21 8.50 pm Divadlo Archa → Studio ALTA
10.30 pm Studio Alta → ÚLUV


Oct 22 8.10 pm Stadion Bohemians (tram stop Oblouková) → Divadlo Archa
8.20 pm Stadion Bohemians (tram stop Oblouková) → ÚLUV