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Press release 17 September 2020

Everything is Different: Festival 4+4 Days in Motion presents local artists and the future of education


On 9 –⁠ 17 October, the New School in Strašnice, which has been closed for 15 years, as well as the adjacent garden, will turn into a unique center of culture and gathering.

The festival 4+4 Days in Motion follows its goal to culturally enliven non-traditional spaces (the sewage treatment plant in Prague-Bubeneč, ČKD factory halls, a former brewery in Holešovice, Desfours Palace, and others).

The anniversary 25th edition of 4+4 Days in Motion focuses on the presentation of local artists and the topic of education. Unexpected changes our society has been undergoing are also reflected in the festival’s motto Everything is Different. As the organizers say: “We were hesitating whether we would maintain the original international programme, but as the situation was getting worse, we focused on Czech artists and international artists based in the Czech Republic. We have also decided to minimalize the movement of viewers, thus the festival will take place in one venue, using the vast school garden. Inspiration by school is reflected in the dramaturgy, which employs different points of view to analyze the relationships among society, culture, and education.”

  • Nová strašnická škola (Foto Markéta M. Černá)

    Nová strašnická škola (Foto Markéta M. Černá)

  • Nová strašnická škola (Foto Markéta M. Černá)

    Nová strašnická škola (Foto Markéta M. Černá)

  • Nová strašnická škola (Foto Markéta M. Černá)

    Nová strašnická škola (Foto Markéta M. Černá)

  • Nová strašnická škola (Foto Čtyři dny)

    Nová strašnická škola (Foto Čtyři dny)

  • Nothing else, Mothers (Foto: Tomasz Augustyn_augustynstudio.pl)

    Nothing else, Mothers (Foto: Tomasz Augustyn_augustynstudio.pl)

  • Manifest tance (Foto Vojtěch Brtnický)

    Manifest tance (Foto Vojtěch Brtnický)

  • SouHra (Foto Vojtěch Brtnický)

    SouHra (Foto Vojtěch Brtnický)

  • Načeva


  • Dreamscape #2

    Dreamscape #2

  • Garsonky (Foto Jakub Hrab)

    Garsonky (Foto Jakub Hrab)

  • Insider: Odkrývání reality (Foto David Hanko)

    Insider: Odkrývání reality (Foto David Hanko)

  • Ústav úžasu

    Ústav úžasu

  • ShizzleOrchestra


  • Bratři v tricku

    Bratři v tricku

  • Studio Damůza

    Studio Damůza


The festival will offer visual arts, theatre premieres, dance performances, concerts, workshops, discussions, lectures, walks, as well as the special programme dedicated to education and teaching, including the adventure lessons with the best Czech teachers and the conference Who is the Teacher Here? on the future of education. The conference will primarily focus on the general public interested in education, mostly pupils’ parents. The aim is to reflect the current state of the education system in the Czech Republic and to indicate possible future trends. The conference will try to find answers to questions concerning the skills the children will need in the future and the limits of on-line education, digitalization, etc. The festival will also host programmes for schools and the general public. Apart from the interactive exhibition tour and the specific spaces of the New School in Strašnice, they include a creative workshop. The initiative Do You Have a Knack for Art? will realize the exhibition of the project Prague 10: Don’t Sit!

The organizers of 4+4 Days in Motion challenged 25 curators who have been associated with the festival in the past 25 years, inspired it and participated in previous exhibitions. These are visual art figures Marcela Steinbachová (Kruh, Architecture Day), Vít Havránek (Tranzit, AVU), Ondřej Chrobák (Moravian Gallery Brno), Pavlína Morganová (AVU), Ondřej Horák (Do You Have a Knack for Art?), Libor Novotný (University of Ostrava), and many others. The exhibition Everything is Different presents 50 Czech artists, from the emerging ones to the middle-aged ones, such as Jakub Adamec, David Fesl, Mira Gáberová, Martin Skalický, Zbyněk Baladrán, Eva Koťátková, Milena Dopitová, Vladimír Kokolia, and Jiří Kovanda.

The round table of academic galleries set the goal of sharing positive practice, art historian Barbora Špičáková will have a guided tour through Solidarita housing estate, the Věra Jirousková Award will be awarded to emerging and established visual arts critics.

The visitors will also see many premieres and performances. In their exhibition, Spielraum kollektiv draws attention to the ubiquitous feature of our times: piling up useless things. However, it does not apply the moralist approach, they invite our useless things to participate in the game. The traditional performance of the festival will be provided by the masculine group Wariot Ideal with loners’ chat Wisdom. Ivana Uhlířová will present her authorial project Food Therapy – the play with catering for two, Petra Tejnorová invites you to the Prague premiere of White Whale, the acoustic and theatre mass for the mythical whale and the world coming to its end. Last but not least, the festival will present the premiere of Dominika Špalková, Anna Klimešová, and Cécile Da Costa’s Nothing else, Mothers.

The organizers of 4+4 Days in Motion have been preparing a unique event with 25 performers who have been associated with the festival in the past 25 years. The improvised evening with the leitmotif “Everything is Different” will be directed by Jiří Havelka and will see director Miroslav Bambušek, mathematician and playwright René Levinský, artists and growers Kristýna Lhotáková and Ladislav Soukup, performer and director Jan Mocek, director of Moving Station in Pilsen Roman Černík, performer and singer Howie Lotker, artist Krištof Kintera, actress Johana Ožvold Švarcová, director Ondřej David, dramaturg Sodja Lotker, performer Cristina Maldonado, art duo Cabani, actor Jakub Kohl, musician and café owner Jakub Štorek, dancers and choreographers Veronika Knytlová and Petr Boháč, theatre group Wariot Ideal, pantomimic duo Zbrožek – Štorek, writer and curator Ondřej Horák, performer Zana Loose, and stage designer Tomáš Žižka.   

The programme for children and families will include Puppets and Cakes, Puppets without Borders, Robert Smolík’s Plush Circus, Studio Damúza, TEArTR RAJDO, Jakub Folvarčný, Barbora Látalová, Wariot Ideal, duo Bratři v tricku, as well as motion and artistic workshops.

The concerts will see Monika Načeva & Zdivočelí koně, indie rock The Valentines, singer Amelia Siba, swing orchestra Zatrestband and others, including the sets by DJ Mardoša and DJ Robot.

The opening of the contemporary art exhibition Everything is Different and the festive opening of the building will take place on Friday, October 9. The tickets for theatre performances can be purchased at GoOut, the other parts of the festival programme are free.


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4+4 Days in Motion 2020 | 9 – 17 October 2020
New school in Strašnice (V Olšinách 69, Praha 10 – Strašnice)


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The festival takes place under the auspices of the Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib, Prague culture councilor Hana Třeštíková, and Prague 10 culture councilor David Kašpar.

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The event was supported by the Municipality of Prague, Ministry of Culture, Creative Europe, European platform IN SITU

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