Čtyři dny | Four days

Fast Fashion

Workshop and presentation) with Lennia G.

  • Saturday Oct 8 / 15:00–17:00, Erpet Smíchov

Presentation on fast fashion will talk about five important topics connected to the environmental impact of the clothing industry and its culture:

– Emissions and Pollution
– Overconsumption
– A future outlook 
– Deforestation 
– Throwaway culture
– Workers conditions


Those topics show the problem and after that we are going to talk about solutions. How to change the industry and we’ll talk about changes that each and every individual can do. We’ll uncover the path to how fashion could and should be.” 

Presentation and workshop will be lead by Lennia G., 20 years old, born and raised in Switzerland. Some weeks ago now, she returned home after a year of volunteering in Iceland. During this time she worked for an Icelandic non-profit NGO that organized volunteering workcamps all over the island. The goal of her project was to raise awareness about environmental problems. In order to do that she prepared presentations, workshops, and debates. One of those presentations that she created was about the topic of fast fashion. Talking about the environmental impact of the clothing industry allows her to shed light on the issues, but also to work out solutions together with the  audience.”


Presentation and workshop will be in English