Čtyři dny | Four days

Institute of Anxiety

The Hungry Ghost Public Hearing

  • Tuesday May 16 / 17:30, Erpet Smíchov

Public Hearing is a specific 3-hour format of the Institute of Anxiety, which allows the audience to focus deeply on a researched topic in the papers of about 45 guest speakers from various disciplines. The Hungry Ghost Public Hearing will focus on mapping various types of compensatory strategies and addictions caused by general systemic problems we as a society deal with. What strategies, methods, and techniques bring you short-term or long-term relief from complicated emotions, memories, uncontrollable stress, loss of control, connection with others, being under pressure from the people around you, or dissatisfaction with yourself?

The Institute of Anxiety (IA) is a research platform for cooperation across the arts, theory, science, and activism. Since 2018, the IA has been active in the interdisciplinary, intergenerational, and international dialogue in Prague as well as long-term research of the newly pressing phenomenon of anxiety, which is interpreted as a symptomatic state in society. The IA aims to use the potential of a shared feeling of anxiety as a source of creative energies and the initiation of new ways of interdisciplinary cooperation. The program features research, development, and production of various kinds of artistic and pedagogical outputs that are implemented in cooperation with invited Prague-based and international guests, civic initiatives, teachers, and students. Ms. Kleinhamplová and Ms. Koťátková are in charge of the dramaturgy.