Čtyři dny | Four days

Good Practice V. or the Round Table of Artistic Associations

  • Thursday May 18 / 14:30, Erpet Smíchov

How would you define the subject area of your association? How do you run your organization, how do you fund your activities and how are you organized? Is your goal to make your association professional, such as creating several paid jobs? How do you try to fulfill the expectations and satisfy the interests of the members? How do to try to draw the public’s attention to topics set by your association? How do you choose and set your topics? What are your articles and are they important for the operation? How do you recruit new members? How many members does the association have to have for its position to be relevant? How do you implement campaigns and lobbying? What is your role towards public and artistic institutions? What are the joint interests of all artistic associations and organizations?

Meeting and sharing the experience of selected artistic associations. 

The program will include discussions on the missions of artistic associations, the ways of self-organization, recruiting new members, ways of representation, and opportunities for cooperation. The goal is to share positive examples, possibilities, and the discussion on the financial and conceptual aspects of associations, mostly defining and introducing the good practice.


Skutek Association was founded to define and defend the interests of people associated with visual arts. It brings together people of various artistic opinions, who realize that solidarity and joint activities can cultivate the environment where we live and work.