Čtyři dny | Four days


Temporary Collective (Czech Republic)

  • Saturday Oct 7 / 20:00, Ponec – dance venue
Price: 300 / 200 CZK

Body, building, land. Everything has its own history, everything has its own rhythm. One affects the other. PONEC is a Prague theatre standing on the bedrock formed 20 000 years ago by the Vltava River, which is one kilometre away. Tereza Ondrová has been dancing on this bedrock for 25 years. She danced her first solo at PONEC to the symphonic poem Vltava. The choreography she is currently exploring for GEO is a topography of all these layers. Through dance and with the help of a geophone, the earth below us and the body above will guide us through the landscape we all inhabit


Once upon a time, director Petra Tejnorová founded the group Sgt.Tejnorová & The Commando, while dancer and choreographer Tereza Ondrová was the co-founder and former performer of the dance company VerTeDance. These creative units no longer exist. Everything is ephemeral. Both artists’ passion for connecting and crossing different genres and disciplines culminated in the creation of a new creative platform – Temporary Collective.  Temporary Collective is a fluid living creative organism. At the core of the project is producer Daniela Řeháková. It currently also includes photographer Marek Bartoš, musician and visual artist Dominik Žižka, and producer Júlia Pecková. Temporary Collective focuses on exploring different territories and media. 

Temporary Collective is not based on permanence – a permanent space or one theatre or on one permanent place. On the contrary, its identity is formed by the variety of connections and places where theatre and dance can take place. This variety is also linked to the variability of the  composition of the creative team. Temporary Collective likes to group and regroup and build on experimental forms – which it then develops further. Its work has varying rhythms – some projects are long-term and some are just a short series of events. Origin and extinction, vernissage and dernissage. 


Please note that the performance includes spoken word in English.

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Arranged by and with the cooperation of: Petra Tejnorová, Tereza Ondrová, Monica Gillette, Jan Čtvrtník, Michal Cáb, Michal Kindernay, Dano Kozlík
Producers: Júlia Pecková, Daniela Řeháková
Consultants: Lenka Špičáková, Aleš Špičák, Michal Králík, Renan Martins, David Králík, Matěj Strnad, Peter Šavel
Cover photo: Marek Bartoš

Temporary Collective’s performance was co-produced with PONEC – dance venue and the 4 + 4 Days in Motion Festival.