Čtyři dny | Four days

Does It Have Depth? Or the Writing of John Lemoun

Studio Light (Czech Republic)

For children from 6 years and parents (premiere)
Oct 14 Saturday 10+13+16+19h Vila Klikovka (ZUŠ)
Oct 14 Saturday 10:00 Vila Klikovka (ZUŠ) Reservation
Oct 14 Saturday 13:00 Vila Klikovka (ZUŠ) Reservation
Oct 14 Saturday 16:00 Vila Klikovka (ZUŠ) Reservation
Oct 14 Saturday 19:00 Vila Klikovka (ZUŠ) Reservation
Free entry, reservation required
Venue: ZUŠ, vila Klikovka, Pod Klikovkou, 1561/13, Praha 5
John Lemoun’s public (variable in time and space) LABORATORY is an unconventional staging project that brings to life a unique villa on the slope of Klamovka Hill. 


A child’s periscope of curiosity, playfulness, and audacity on a tour of legends. Who’s John Lemoun? Is he more intelligent than he’s making himself out to be? He’s got glasses, so it could be possible. And is that a skill? Is there something to it? Is it art? Does it have hidden meanings? Does it have depth? Does this dispel all the negative reports about Lemoun being a crank? He’s got a razor-sharp wit. But he succumbed to death on arrival. None of it makes sense, but it looks funny, and then maybe it’s enough. 

You, too, can go on an adventurous search in John Lemoun’s footsteps in a hillside mansion that’s running away and hiding something. Unless you don’t mind that the joke farted like XXX, but it’s insane… 

Studio Light is a bit of a legend in its own right. It focuses on work for children and adolescents, but adults will also find it entertaining and educational while making them laugh and think. Lenka Tretigová founded and currently leads the ensemble. She’s found a unique way to work with children so that they have fun and, at the same time, learn values essential for their personality, relationships, and life. Studio Light straddles the line between the amateur and professional worlds. Collaborators, founding members are also professional artists, often former child members of the studio. Studio Light is a truly intergenerational organism where care, communication, creativity, and freedom encounter topics vital to us all. Since 2006, the group’s professional events have been in demand, especially in Prague theatres, but they also perform at festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad. 


Project length: approx. 100 min.
Venue: Vila Klikovka (ZUŠ), Pod Klikovkou, 1561/13, Praha 5

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Script, direction, stage design: Lenka Tretiagová and Collective
Stage and costume design cooperation: Hana Přikrylová and Collective
Music cooperation: Kateřina Hodková, Monika Drdová and Collective
Movement cooperation: Eva Stará and Collective
Music: John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Collective

The project is produced with the support of: ZUŠ Popelka v Praze 5, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Prague City Hall.