Čtyři dny | Four days

Slow Steps Have Ears

Dávid Somló (Hungary)

Hypnotic Soundscapes
Oct 13 Friday 14:30–18:30 vrch Vítkov
Oct 14 Saturday 14:30–18:30 vrch Vítkov
Oct 15 Sunday 14:30–18:30 vrch Vítkov
Free entry
venue: in the park near Vojenský historický ústav - Military History Institute Prague

A series of intertwined compositions comprised of locally recorded sounds, snippets of conversations, domestic sounds, and minimalist musical elements flow from hidden speakers. By blending with its surroundings, the piece transforms the site into a unique dreamlike soundscape that invites the audience to an experience somewhere between a sonic meditation and a treasure hunt of sounds. The listeners can reshape the brand-new soundscape as they move through the space, as each location offers a unique combination of varied lengths, noise, and silence in each snippet. The composition repeats hourly. Since each speaker plays a different part that changes over time, we encourage listeners to move as often as they wish. 

“Once you start experiencing the world with the sense that the world is actually speaking, every sound of the world is telling you a history, a feeling, and a cosmic atmosphere that is, in fact, both a repository of an echo that has not ended, a sound that is continuous and a resonance that belongs to a particular occasion, a particular time, a particular place, and the lives in this place are still resonating. You’re actually piercing time through sound. You’re reaching across the horizon of time, through sound, through that which continues to speak and echo. But you have to be able to listen.” Peter Sellars 


Dávid Somló is an interdisciplinary artist based in Budapest. His work focuses on sound, space, and interactivity. He creates theatrical/performative experiences exploring the relationships between physical, social, and personal space. He composes and choreographs situations that create complex, unique results from simple elements, structures, and patterns. He focuses primarily on site-specific projects and public space. In 2017, he curated site-specific performances for the Kolorádó Festival and site-specific concerts for the Budapest experimental series Jazzaj. He is an associate artist of “IN SITU” (International Network for Creation in Public Space) and a long-term associate artist of the Hungarian public space festival Placcc.  He is completing his Ph.D. studies at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest on “Configuration and movement of bodies and sounds in space.” Somló holds a master’s degree in interdisciplinary composition from Goldsmiths College, London, and a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sociology from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. He has been teaching interdisciplinary methodology at the university level since 2018. Since 2022 he has been part of the pedagogical team at the Theatre and Performance course at FreeSZFE (Post-Theatre and Film Academy, Budapest).

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Supported by: In Situ, Creative Europe, EFFEA