Čtyři dny | Four days

Absolutely unacceptable! part II.


  • Saturday Oct 8 / 20:00–20:30, Erpet Smíchov
Price: 50 CZK (within an entrance fee for an exhibition)

„How do I create my image so that the outer meets the inner? Do I wear a skirt or pants? It seems so simple. What I wear is what’s inside me. Some people search for their image more, others less, but basically everyone experiences at least once in their life a moment when they need to find their true identity and express it. To give it shape. Specific. What else is life about but the search for the true self? Why don’t patterns, traditions, ideals suddenly work? I want to go out on the street and be myself. Is there a limit to that?“

A dance performance about the search for more than just sexual identity. The issues of LGBTQ+ people are presented through the eyes of those who do not identify as such and who make up the majority of the creative team. Its creation was preceded by in-depth interviews with representatives of (not only) the LGBTQ+ community. The performance is based on newly discovered principles of dance dramaturgy in collaboration between two creative teams – Pulsar and SPOLK. The project was created as part of the international project “Innovation and Art: the path to inclusion of LGBTQ+ people” under the auspices of Erasmus+ (2021-2022) in collaboration with Prague Pride.


Pulsar association provides a platform for the creation of works in the field of dance and continuously works with clearly defined dramaturgy. In the creative field it deals with the search for dance expression in connection with very specific topics: the focus is always on the human being as a microcosm, in which all levels of life are projected. Artistically, the work moves on the axis of minimalism, civil expression and austere, pure visuals, bringing the viewer closer to their transcendental consciousness. The priority is to create new performances in all forms with which the world of contemporary dance operates.

Michal Záhora‘s work to date deals with the search for dance expression in connection with socio-historical themes (Concert for HER, Anniversary, Celebration – one hundred years of Czech statehood, Generation X – 30 years since the revolution, The End‘s Turnabout – the question of a common Europe). His manager and producer Honza Malík, together with dramaturge Tereza Krčálová, are engaged in artistic direction. Together they create an environment for broader creative work (the artistic meetings Catch Reality! 1-6, conference on 30 years of dance Next Promises and the interdisciplinary conference The Role of the Artist Today, the online miniseries Dance Through the Camera‘s Eye, the discussion series Choreographer in the Ring 1st-6th round, the art & therapy project Provoke (with) Dance!,). Pulsar‘s creative team thus comments on issues related to the development of our society through dance, pushing the boundaries of dance expression.

The Pulsar creative team comments on issues connected to the development of our society through dance, and thus pushes the borders of dance expression and its possibilities. All productions of the association attracted the attention of the critical and spectator theatre community at home and abroad (outsider neighbouring countries also Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, USA, England). 


SPOLK is an artistic group of young dancers, its members are students and graduates of the Prague Dance Conservatory Duncan centre and Music Academy of Prague. Its creation was a reaction to the long-term interest of individual members in joint creation. Thematically, their work focuses on and responds to various social and societal issues. Their work draws on the diverse dance experiences of the individual members, bringing together their individual dance approaches in a collaborative process.

In 2021 they presented their first work together, Excuse Me! The trailer in collaboration with Taneční aktuality won the award for the best one-minute dance film of the Ork_Kota_Platform 2022 platform. SPOLK also performed at the opening of the 20th season of the Ponec Theatre (2020), presented performances Rush (Za dveřmi festival, 2020) and Kostničák (TANEC PRAHA, 2021) on the streets of Prague, and took part in the New Generation evenings (DISK theatre, 2020) and NU Dance festival in Bratislava (2022). In May 2022 he premiered The Miners at the Ponec Theatre and in November he will present a new experimental project at the Club 3. břeh gallery.


The performance was created as part of the international project “Innovation and Art: the path to inclusion of LGBTQ+ people.”

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union (2021-2022).