Čtyři dny | Four days

Photographs of Divadlo SkRAT

Ctibor Bachratý (Slovakia)

  • Daily / , Archa Theatre
    // Theater foyer

Exhibition opening 7 October at 6:30pm with music by Požoň Sentimental (SK). The exhibitions opens 7 October at 6pm.

People with tickets or accreditation for the day’s 4+4 Days in Motion performance at the Archa Theatre may view the exhibition from 7pm to 11pm on 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 15 October; otherwise, the exhibition is accessible during opening hours of the Archa Theatre’s Plavky Café, i.e., from noon to 5pm.


Divadlo SkRAT is one of Slovakia’s most important independent theater groups. In its work, SkRAT is inspired by the Pre súčasnú operu (For Contemporary Opera) association founded in 1999. SkRAT’s performances are overwhelmingly created through collective improvisation. The ensemble’s original poetics not only results from the use of this specific creative approach, but is especially thanks to the people who have artistically shaped the troupe, meaning its core of creative minds (authors, directors, actors) – Vít Bednárik, Ľubo Burgr, Lucia Fričová, Daniela Gudabová, Inge Hrubaničová, Zuzana Piussi, Milan Chalmovský, Dušan Vicen, and Vlado Zboroň – as well as many other outstanding groups and individuals from the Slovak and international art scenes. Examples include actress Jana Oľhová, choreographer and dancer Petra Fornayová, playwright and translator Peter Lomnický, director Jozef Vlk, actress Anna Geislerová, choreographer and dancer Stanislava Vlčeková, actress Danica Matúšová, musician Pjoni, intermedia artist Borisek Vitázek, artist Natália Okolicsányiová, composer Marek Piaček, and the band Požoň Sentimentál.
The theater’s home stage is the Bratislava cultural space A4 – Priestor súčasnej kultúry. It has presented its work at leading festivals in Slovakia and abroad and has received numerous awards such as the Nová dráma/New Drama Grand Prix in 2006 and 2008.

Ctibor Bachratý has professionally photographed theater and dance since 1990, regularly documenting professional theater productions in Slovakia and abroad. He has a special relationship to contemporary dance, movement theater, small-scale groups, and the independent theater scene. Besides Divadlo SkRAT, he regularly enjoys photographing Divadlo Stoka and Divadlo DISK Trnava, among others. He also photographs film, music, and theater festivals, including Art Film Fest Trenčianske Teplice and Košice, Pohoda Trenčín, Bratislava in Motion International Contemporary Dance Festival, and the Divadelná Nitra International Theatre Festival.