Čtyři dny | Four days

Forests/An Evocation

Mali Weil (Italy)

Czech premiere of Italian film
  • Sunday Oct 9 / 19:00, Erpet Smíchov
Price: 50 CZK (within an entrance fee for an exhibition)

Forests are ever-present in the Western imagination.
Perhaps because they are the setting of many important events: some relate to rights, others to language. They all relate to relationships.


Forests/An Evocation is story, fiction, ritual. It is also a conceptual operation that upends the categories through which we think about the world, about our relationships, and about the political space in which we – all our species – exist. Mali Weil’s first feature-length film, made as part of the far-reaching Forests project, brings together the legacy of a three-year study of the West’s legal relationships, past and present, to the physical and conceptual space of the forest. It is a long journey consisting of two performances and numerous essays, articles, audio installations, design collections, and visual series of norms – the elements that give a face to the visual and narrative backbone of this philosophical tale.

The film is also an experience, conceived in such a manner so that it can be seen and dreamed differently.


 The Italian artists’ platform Mali Weil was founded by Elisa Di Liberato, Lorenzo Facchinelli, and Mara Ferrieri. Working with the principles of visual and performing art, Mali Weil engages in research focused on the relationships between narratives and the political imagination. It does so through multilayered projects that range from performance and design all the way to cinema.

In its work, Mali Weil has always focused on the relationship between the imagination and the political narrative across languages and media, with a strong performative and visual approach. Its most recent project, Forests, involved the three-year study of forests as a conceptual, legal, and political space that is layered within the Western imagination. The project combined research with visual installations, design collections, writing, video installations, and performances, though it also adopted more open-ended and discursive formats such as temporary schools (with children as well as professionals) and curated programs. Mali Weil is currently working on a new project of “interspecies diplomacy” that won the prestigious Italian Council X award from the Italian Ministry of Culture.


Italian with English subtitles.
Running time: 74 min.


Režie, scénář a střih: Mali Weil
Kamera: Roberta Segata
Hudba: Nicola Segata, Collegium Musicale Tallinn
Zvuk: Giacomo Plotegher
Produkce: Centrale Fies