Čtyři dny | Four days

A pool full of air

The Dana&jana Resuscitation corps

An immersive experience
  • Sunday Oct 9 / 15:00–16:00, Erpet Smíchov
The outdoor pool’s ceremonial final hour has struck.
Throw off your sweater, your shame, and your fears – cold is just a feeling.


Join us for a swim in the air, try out new swimming styles, test the principles of the polar bear plunge, get tangled in a circle, zig and zag and push off from the bottom, and lick a popsicle. The moon is full, and maybe a lifeguard and the Spirit of the Pool will show up, too!

For fun and entertainment, you can bring your own snorkel, inflatable ball, badminton set, frisbee, lounge chair, and full thermos bottle.

Voluntary dress code: swimsuits and more, shoes or flippers according to your taste and discretion.

Air and water temperature: As felt. Geomagnetic pole: Fluctuating.

The event will take place regardless of the weather.

Everybody is responsible for their own experience.


About the Resuscitation Corps:
We were brought together twenty years ago by our love for theater. We were brought to the pool by social networks and by the joy of discovering new ways of keeping ourselves (and each other) afloat.

Dana – Daniela Voráčková loves a hot bath, passionate discussions of nearly any topic, and wandering through the landscape. She fell in love with taking regular polar bear plunges in the river in 2019. She is a co-founder of the Stage Code theater ensemble, one of the five members of Secondhand Women, and a member of the Forman brothers’ Deadtown Theatre. As an actress, author, and performer, she has appeared in 100+1 projects ranging from street theater and cabaret to physical theater, drama, and film. She teaches the theater arts and works as a moderator, facilitator, and occasionally in production.

Jana – Jana Bohutínská loves forests, mountains, the sea, outdoor swimming, saunas, lilacs, her garden, coffee, books, and writing, the latter of which is her profession. She works as a journalist, researcher, and freelance life coach, and also writes about art, culture, entrepreneurship, and personal development. With a degree in aesthetics and theater, she eventually began thinking and writing about theater, dance, and performance, and uses these ideas when leading coaching workshops or teaching about writing. She has collaborated among other things with Reflex magazine, the Taneční Aktuality festival of dance films, and the Dance Career Endowment Fund.