Čtyři dny | Four days

A guided walking tour About water with Kamila Lohrová and Tereza Vohryzková

  • Sunday Oct 16 / 17:00, Erpet Smíchov
Price: 120 CZK

Meet at the ticket office at Erpet Smíchov

A river that affects the city, a city that affects the river. In what way is the river influenced by the landscape outside town, and what have we done to the river landscape in the past? How do we understand the space of the river landscape, and what can we do or not do for it today? A discussion of the relationship between floods and drought, water and the natural/urban landscape, and the impact of climate change. On our walk, you will also learn about the Institute of Planning and Development’s current plans for the area along the river and about how you can become actively involved.


Kamila Lohrová studied Nature and Landscape Preservation and Applied Ecology at the Czech University of Life Sciences and Urban Environmental Management in the Netherlands. After completing her studies, she took an interest in agriculture and urbanism, and she has spent several years working on water management issues at the Institute of Planning and Development, with a particular focus on rainwater use, waterways, and flooding. She is also active as a guide abroad.

Tereza Vohryzková has a longtime interest in questions of the environment, climate change, and civil society. She is currently active in the Krajinohled association and is involved in bringing water back into the landscape with public involvement.