Čtyři dny | Four days

Open Forum: Water and the Future

Facilitators: Anna Ryvolová, Boleslav Keprt, Jakub Ryvola, guest: Arne Springorum

  • Tuesday Oct 8 / 17:00—19:30 , Desfours Palace
    / limited capacity

Water. Almost every day, the media warn us that there is not enough. Aren’t they exaggerating the danger? Or are they not emphasizing it enough? Water has been a leading topic this summer, and in recent years as well.

What’s your take on water? Do you think that water belongs to nature, or are you more likely to say that it belongs to the state, which should properly look after it? Do you pay attention to how much water you use? Do you save water, or do you like to enjoy a full bath every day without worry? What can we do for the future of water (and ourselves)?

Let’s talk about it together. You are invited to a meeting where we will discuss and share our various viewpoints, opinions, dreams, and fears… All voices are needed and welcome! All you need to bring is the courage and desire to speak and also just listen.


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