Čtyři dny | Four days

Jeremy Wade (USA / Germany)

The Clearing

Performance / Music
  • Saturday Oct 5 / 20:00, Archa Theatre
Price: 290 / 190 CZK

Jeremy Wade’s long-term focus are the themes of care, treatment, health and support. He exposes overt vulnerability and assumes a critical stance towards mechanisms which exert violence towards people or nature. Wade builds on queer and feminist strategies, the ethics of relationships and the subjectivity of zombies. His works disturb and provoke. His most recent project is a hallucinogenic disassembly of pieces of reality which calls for solidarity and an effort to deal with problems, to transform the social structures and phenomena which make us sick.

Jeremy Wade’s new solo is a continuation of all his previous performances. His super-physical expression which includes dance, physical action, singing and verbal appeal, as well as the music and the stage design express the author’s deep concern for the future; even hope itself is seen as a problem. Is it necessary to accept a loss? Or should we start writing new stories which can prepare us for the future?

Jeremy Wade is an American performer, curator and educator based in Berlin. In 2000, he graduated at Amsterdam School for New Dance Development. His first feature-length piece entitled Glory won the prestigious New York Bessie Award in 2006. Apart from his own art projects and teaching, Wade also curates, produces and organizes events. In 2017, he organized the Take Care symposium at the No Limit festival in Berlin. The symposium dealt with the ethics required by the culture of handicap and the theme of nurses in war zones. It also included a session of the Future Clinic for Critical Care forum devoted to art, activism and social work.



In English with Czech subtitles
Performance length: 110 min. (with break)



Concept, choreography and performance: Jeremy Wade
Music: Marc Lohr
Set: Rosa Birkedal
Costume: Claudia Hill
Lighting design: Andreas Harder
Author and Outside Eye: Allison Wiltshire
Dramaturgy: Maika Knoblich
Artistic collaboration and assistance: Yoav Admoni
Choreographical advice and coaching: Vladimir Miller, Michael Rolnick and Maria F. Scaroni
Video: Maya SB
Artistic advice: Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy
Stage assistance: Daniela Zorrozua
Costume assistance: Diane Esnault & Emilia Patrignani
Press and Production: björn & björn

Production: Jeremy Wade. Cop-production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Supported by: Gessnerallee, Butcherei Lindinger. Funded by: Capital Cultrual Fund.