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Čtyři dny | Four days



A theater performance for older kids and teenagers
  • Saturday Oct 5 / 18:00, Desfours Palace
    / premiere
Price: 100 CZK

Imagine a perfect society. A society where everybody is well-behaved, polite, and considerate. Where everybody helps each other. There is no war, no poverty, hunger, disease. No bad emotions, no fear, no insecurity. Starting at birth, everybody is closely monitored and cared for by society and by a system of inviolable rules for spotless perfection. In this world, happy people lack only a few what for us are ordinary things. Feelings. Memories. Art and colors. Choice. …


Ensemble: KUK/KUKátko ZUŠ Štítného

With: Hermína Amrichová, Adéla Červenková, Koleta Dohnalová, Emma Horáková, Emma Kintera, Anežka Kozlová, Matyáš Lada, Soňa Linhartová, Agáta Mašková, Amálie Nováková, Max Tjunikov, Anna Vojvodová

Directed by: Ivana Sobková


Performance length: 40 min.
In Czech only

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