Čtyři dny | Four days

All Cats Are Grey

Karel Veselý and Miloš Hroch about depression in pop music

Lecture / Discussion
  • Thursday Oct 10 / 18:00, Desfours Palace
Price: 50 CZK (within an entrance fee for an exhibition)

Music journalists Karel Veselý and Miloš Hroch will talk about the origins of depression in pop music and why today’s independent music is so obsessed with sadness. Is there a way out of this? The two journalists, known for their work with Radio Wave, Full Moon, or Alarm, will accompany their talk with videos tracing the history of depression in pop music, including its contemporary manifestations. From the Beatles and Joy Division to Sufjan Stevens and today’s emo rap, Veselý and Hroch discuss the connection between hopeless in music with political and apocalyptic ideas that need to be replaced by a new optimism and hope.

A lecture in collaboration with the Vinyla music awards.

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