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Čtyři dny | Four days

Uncertainty Principle

Series of exhibitions for Desfours Palace

DAILY / Desfours Palace
Mo–Fr 16:00–22:00, Sa–Su 14:00–22:00
Opening and closing until 24:00
Entry: 50 CZK
Guided tours 50 CZK (limited capacity)
Exhibition opening – free entry
It started with a memory…

Curator: Nina Moravcová 
Artists: Dana Bartoníčková, Jana Bernartová, Filip Cenek, Magdaléna Kašparová, Alena Kotzmannová, Markéta Othová, Lucia Papčová, Janek Rous

Our desires grow stronger. Sometimes we manage to fulfil them. But our living space keeps getting smaller. Trying to carry out our duties, we perceive the passing days, weeks, months and the changing seasons only peripherally. The pace is getting faster and faster. We’re still trying to define the clear horizon we’re heading to but the weight of the circumstances makes us scrape the barrel and lose direction. Looking back, we feel the spent time as an indefinite flow ourmemories – images, sounds, flashes of light… – seem to surface from.



Curators: Libor Novotný a Tomáš Knoflíček 
Artists: Martin Dašek, Petra Doležalová, Marek Franz, Filip Nádvorník, Lukáš Kováčik, Vojtěch Kovařík, Martin Kubica, Jiří Kuděla, František Lozinski, o.p.s. (Kowolowski František , Lysáček Petr, Surůvka Jiří ), Šárka Mikesková, Michaela Rožnovská, Helmut Smits, Petr Švolba

Werner Heisenberg published the theory of uncertainty in 1927. In 1933, he won the Nobel Prize for physics. His theory describes the inability to determine the status of elementary particles: the more we know about one of the particle parameters, the less we know about another one. “Whenever we observe something quantum mechanic, we become two different copies of ourselves. There is a copy that was given one answer, and a copy that was given another answer. This means there is a huge number of more copies of us that can see things happening in the universe in a slightly different way.”


Stories are us

Curator: Radek Váňa
Artists: Adéla Babanová, Joep Hinssen, Rosanne Jonkhout, Kaweh Modiri, Tomáš Svoboda, Joris Verleg

All-encompassing topics are often just an excuse for bringing together a large volume of artworks. However, if we remove the “uncertainty principle” from its home field of quantum physics, the basic premise found within it can, albeit in a somewhat overblown manner, be interpreted as follows: the more we know, and the more detailed the information we have, then the harder it is to comprehend the whole, to predict future development, and to understand the current situation. In this form the uncertainty principle seems to be a good metaphor, or even description, of the world around us as well as our situation within it. We know everything but understand nothing. The end result is chaos, confusion, and exhaustion from the constant search for coherence.


The Prague – The Border project

Curator: Ondřej Horák
Artists: Mira Gáberová (SK), Veronika Leová (VIE), Alexandra Yordanova (BUL), Petr Philippov (RU), Ondřej Brody (CZ/VE), Anna Radeva (SK), Kristofer Paetau (FIN), Hiep Duong Chi (VIE), Ruta Putramentante (LIT), Larysa Gladysh (UK), Isrohan Alvarez (MEX), Sujana Villafane – Bohac (VEN)

The purpose of the project is to actively connect fine artists with foreigners living in our country.
Our aim is to connect foreigners living in the Czech Republic with representatives of the Czech art scene who also come from abroad (who were either born or grew up there) in a limited time (a year) and provide conditions for their joint work/project. The output will be mutual co-operation and a joint (art) project. All the participants (both the organisers and artists) will take part in the project as volunteers (without any financial reward).


In co-opeation with Sara Zanin and In Situ Crew Curators