Čtyři dny | Four days

The Prague – The Border project

The integration and activation of foreigners with the help artists focusing on fine art

DAILY / Desfours Palace
Mo–Fr 16:00–22:00, Sa–Su 14:00–22:00
Opening and closing until 24:00
Curator: Ondřej Horák
The artists participating in the project are: Mira Gáberová (SK), Veronika Leová (VIE), Alexandra Yordanova (BUL), Petr Philippov (RU), Ondřej Brody (CZ/VE), Anna Radeva (SK), Kristofer Paetau (FIN), Hiep Duong Chi (VIE), Ruta Putramentante (LIT), Larysa Gladysh (UK), Isrohan Alvarez (MEX), Sujana Villafane – Bohac (VEN)


The purpose of the project is to actively connect fine artists with foreigners living in our country.

Our aim is to connect foreigners living in the Czech Republic with representatives of the Czech art scene who also come from abroad (who were either born or grew up there) in a limited time (a year) and provide conditions for their joint work/project. The output will be mutual co-operation and a joint (art) project. All the participants (both the organisers and artists) will take part in the project as volunteers (without any financial reward).

The project has been inspired by discussions with a respected organization focused on the integration of foreigners and the interest and needs of foreigners (asylum seekers, refugees, and citizenship applicants) living in the Czech Republic. The project has started this February with a debate with foreigners who have responded to the call inviting them to take part in joint activities.

The title of the project refers to the novel Moskva – hranice (Moscow – The Border), which has become a source of inspiration for the authors. “Prague” in the title refers to the city where most of the participants/foreigners live.

Selected artworks of the co-operating pairs will make up the main part of the exhibition within the 4 Days in Motion Festival. They will be accompanied with videos recording the creation of the projects.

The participants include women and men of all ages and social background who come, for example, from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Slovakia, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, and Venezuela.

The project includes meetings of all the participants and their film documentation captured by the artist Eva Jiřička.


The Prague – The Border project has been supported by Centre for the Integration of Foreigners (CIC), the Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague (CSU), and the platform Máš umělecké střevo? (Dou You Have a Knack for Arts?) (MUS)


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