Čtyři dny | Four days

Accompanying events organized by “Do You Have a Knack for Art?”

For schools
  • Daily / , Karlín Barracks

As in past editions, this year’s 4+4 Days in Motion includes accompanying events intended primarily for primary- and secondary-school students: educational programs, guided tours, and workshops. For the third year in a row, these events are being planned by the organization “Do You Have a Knack for Art?” (Máš umělecké střevo?).

The program for schools runs from Monday 9 October to Friday 13 October 2017, with morning and afternoon programs. The exact time and content can be adjusted to suit the school’s needs (see contact below). In view of the complicated nature of the barracks’ interior, tour capacity is limited.

The artists, students, and teachers involved with Do You Have a Knack for Art? have also prepared an interactive space for visitors to the Karlín Barracks. Artists Petra Pětiletá and Eva Jiřičká have created a room in which they present the barracks’ history in a novel manner while allowing visitors to actively respond to this history. Another project is the work of three successful participants from last year’s Knack for Art contest, secondary students Dorothea, Johana, and Anna. The space for the accompanying events has been visually decorated with the drawings of artist Kakalík.

Do You Have a Knack for Art? is a long-term partner of the Fotograf Festival and the Plechárna community center in Prague’s Černý Most neighborhood, and also prepares workshops for the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, the Moravian Gallery in Brno, and the National Gallery in Prague.

Reservations at jiri@umeleckestrevo.cz. Come and tour the historical barracks in Karlín and see and learn about contemporary art!



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