Čtyři dny | Four days


Violets and Candy Soap

/ Theatre
  • Sunday Oct 2 / 15:00, Municipal buildings
    / theatre for children from 8 year
  • Monday Oct 3 / 10:00, Municipal buildings
    / theatre for children from 8 year

Violets and Candy Soap is a documentary work with live storytelling that takes us into the world of three classmates in the 1950s. The air was filled with the scent of candied violets, and sweet candy soap melts on the tongue; but men in black overcoats are everywhere and above it all shines the red star.

The project’s author, Tereza Durdilová, met Alena Laufrová and Renata Válová (the daughter of a landowner and the daughter of a convinced communist) several years ago at the Archa Theatre and was inspired by the meeting: “I have school-age children and wonder every day how to explain to them the era in which we live. I have found that it is impossible without understanding and having a relationship to the past. Another important thing for me is the relationship between my children and my parents. I see how they are important for one another and how they understand one another. Children learn best of all through personal encounters,” she says.

Violets and Candy Soap, which was first presented this May on the Forman Brothers’ Mystery Boat, does exactly that: It shares personal memories, stretched between private lives and ideology, with the younger generation. The performance is intended for families with children aged 8 to 12 – and for others as well.


The TisíciHRAn theatre ensemble was founded in 2016 while working on the production of Violets and Candy Soap. The group plans to focus on current issues within a historical context, working with original documentary theatre – a genre that is only beginning to take root in the Czech Republic. TisíciHRAn is attracted by the idea of exploring ways of adapting this approach to theatre within a Czech context.

The group has three founding members. Eva Čechová works with theatre, acting, clownery, group improvisation and art education; scenographer Tereza Durdilová focuses on site-specific projects and documentary theatre; and long-time activist Tereza Vohryzková (Auto*Mat, Zažít město jinak) has a diverse range of experiences from working with projects related to public space and community life.


Creative team: Tereza Durdilová, Eva Čechová, Tereza Vohryzková
Storytellers: Alena Laufrová, Renata Válová, Jindřich Synek


In Czech
Duration: 60 min

Supported by: DAMU, Divadlo bratři Formanů.