Čtyři dny | Four days

Art: Import, Export

A discussion with Spolek Skutek

/ Discussion
  • Saturday Oct 8 / 17:00, Municipal buildings
Price: Within the admission fee to the exhibition (50 CZK)

International cultural exchange today is of fundamental importance, doubly so for regions on the margins of the international scene. But how is Czech culture being officially presented abroad? This discussion with representatives from various organizations and institutions (Czech Centres, ARE, the Jindřich Chalupecký Society, residential programs) will try to identify strengths and weakness within this area, as well as possible solutions.


Moderators: Tereza Jindrová and Tereza Stejskalová

 Founded in 2013, Spolek Skutek is an open platform that brings together and represents the interests of artists, theorists, and critics and historians. Skutek (“Deed”) follows in the tradition of civic associations and shared-interest groups. Its mission is to contribute to the further development of cultural life on the local level, and thus to help cultivate it on the international level as well. By identifying shared problems faced by the artistic community, we open up debate and try to find solutions not just through state or public agencies but also within our mutually shared environment.