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Sound installation White Room – Lessons of Touch

within an exhibition How to want nothing

/ Festival program 2015, Exhibition
  • Daily / , Desfours Palace

WHITE ROOM – Lessons of Touch

TOUCH > feelings – emotions – perception – sensation – imagination – intimacy

How do we experience the world? It is our senses that send us the interpretation of data. What will happen if one of those senses is suppressed? The other empowers. At the external world we are permanently distracted and disconnected from ourselves by tons of external, mainly visual impulses, on the other hand the inner world is unlimited space, always ready to offer something unknown.

The simulator, into which the audience enters, deprives sight, thus it forces them to start to imagine. The sound brings emotions; the sound induces feeling of physicality.

We research the connection between sound and inner sight. We search for physical touch without physicality and its extreme edges between delight and violence.

Are we able to distinguish between sensed and an internally created world? What is the real source of the sound? Is my imagination leading me too far? Write us your images? What did you see? What did you feel?


Concept, realization: Miřenka Čechová, Matouš Hekela
Production: Tantehorse


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