Čtyři dny | Four days

The Relay Baton, or: A Grey Planet and the Sprouting Universe

curators David Böhm and Jiří Franta within an exhibition How not to want anything

/ Festival program 2015, Exhibition
  • Daily / 18:30, Desfours Palace

The Earth was created more than 4.6 billion years ago.
There are 7 billion people on this planet.
The average lifespan is 70 years.
On average, there are 13 people per square kilometer.
How not to have anything?
Is there anything that really belongs to us?
The impenetrability of a work is like the explosion of a distant star that is long dead before it reaches us. Perhaps, even this collaborative work by many different people will be such an explosion that shines brightly for a moment but then disappears forever.
There is no fixed point in sight.
A construction site in a vacuum.
Grey is the color of ash.
Whose fault is it?
The planet as a baton in a relay race.

Opening of exhibition every night at 6,30 p.m.


List of artists:

  2. 10. |  David Böhm + Jiří Franta

  3. 10. |  Alena Kotzmannová + David Korecký

  4. 10. |  Filip Turek + Karíma Al-Mukhtarová

  5. 10. |  Luděk Rathouský + Petr Krátký

  6. 10. |  Ondřej Homola + Katarína Hládeková

  7. 10. |  Vladimír Skrepl + Jan Šerých

  8. 10. |  Pavla Sceránková + Dušan Zahoranský

  9. 10. |  Anna Hulačová + Václav Litvan

10. 10. |  Richard Loskot + Tomáš Lumpe


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