Čtyři dny | Four days

Large Group Communication at the 4+4 Festival

How not to want anything… and not even talk about it

/ Festival program 2015, Experiment, Analysis, Discussion
  • Monday Oct 5 / 18:00, Desfours Palace
  • Friday Oct 9 / 18:00, Desfours Palace
Admission free

For the moderators: Luděk Vrba and Gabriela Langošová

curator Mariana Serranová within the section
At the Agreed Time, At the Agreed Place

Large group communication is an analytical method that by its very nature encourages the free exchange of ideas, feelings and imagination exclusively through words (or the lack thereof) within a predefined framework. The aim is to capture the internal workings of the individual participants and the group as a whole while attempting to gain insight into the unconscious processes going on at that particular time. These may but need not be related to the main subject. Each large group communication plays out differently.

The defining framework is created by the participants, who are seated in one circle (or several concentric ones) in one room for a predefined period of time (90 minutes). Communication is verbal and unmoderated, with all participants having the same space to express themselves, remain silent, and/or reflect upon what is happening. The moderators do not assign the topic or guide the discussion. Their task is to comment on the events and to point out shared phenomena and unconscious processes that might be to varying degrees unseen by the participants, and in general to facilitate communication.

Anyone can participate as long as they register in advance, for the room’s capacity is limited.


PhDr. Luděk Vrba is a clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, group analyst, and psychoanalytical psychotherapist. He leads training session, group and individual psychoanalytical psychotherapy sessions and theoretical seminars, and also provides psychotherapy supervision. He is a full member of the Czech Psychoanalytic Society and a founding member of the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA Praha).

PhDr. Gabriela Langošová – Psychologist and psychotherapist Gabriela Langošová provides training in individual and group psychotherapy, supervision, and seminars. She is member of the Prague PCA Institute and the Czech Institute for Supervision, and is a Czech Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy candidate.