Čtyři dny | Four days

What cannot be climbed through must be circumvented

a walk with Jiří Sádlo

/ Festival program 2015, Walk
  • Saturday Oct 3 / 16:00, Desfours Palace

Pro city walks – get to know your city and its public spaces. Personal and unconventional views of a selected locality – Masaryk Station, Florenc, Karlín and the immediate surroundings.

What cannot be climbed through must be circumvented – a walk with plant sociologist and natural scientist Jiří Sádlo. The disappearing beauty of the ugly city, or what are its aesthetics? And does the whole city really have to be beautiful and orderly? Will we have public space for all, or only for those who have already conformed? The Florenc neighborhood – what is the order and the glue holding this collage together?

Jiří Sádlo (1958) studied geobotanics at the department of Charles University’s Faculty of Natural Sciences. He currently works at the department of geobotanics at the Botanical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, where he studies geo-botanism, plant phytosociology, vegetational maps, and the history of the landscape and vegetation. He lectures at Charles University and the University of South Bohemia, and is the author of the books The Biology of the Landscape, Landscape and Revolution, and The Landscape as an Interpreted Text.

Tour in Czech language
Duration: approximately 90 min.


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