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How not to want anything – Radek Wohlmuth

curator Radek Wohlmuth within an exhibition How not to want anything

/ Festival program 2015, Exhibition
  • Daily / , Desfours Palace

Ondřej Basjuk, Jakub Jansa, Artur Magrot, Jaromír Novotný

The title of this year’s cycle of exhibition projects, How not to want anything, is deceptive primarily because it hints at an answer that will almost surely never be found. On its own, the name probably most of all evokes the current issue of saturation, or non-materialistic concepts such as asceticism, unburdening or abnegation – classic spiritual themes associated with mankind’s ancient romantic yearning for a simple and harmonic existence. This slightly tongue-in-cheek exhibition touches on similar things (simplicity, pureness, limits), but also hints at the exact opposite, because – just like everythingnothing is an indefinable abstraction, and both these concepts are associated with human wanting. A transparent image, the invisible architecture of telephone jamming devices, the spiritual dimension of a cassette tape, the secret hiding place of an exiled aristocratic family… everything, or nothing? Or both at once?


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