Čtyři dny | Four days

Compagnie Kadidi / Dorothée Munyaneza (France / Rwanda)

Samedi détente

/ Festival program 2015, Theatre
  • Monday Oct 5 / 19:30, Jatka78
Price: 200 / 100 CZK

“In Rwanda, Samedi Détente (Saturday with Radio) was the main event of the week. During this radio show, broadcast every Saturday, we listened to all kinds of foreign music. We danced, we sang, we memorized the songs – even though we didn’t understand half of the lyrics. On Mondays, we held competitions for the best act on the playground. It was a true ritual,” says Dorothée Munyaneza in introducing her personal story, which must have been so very difficult to share.

6 April 1994. Dorothée Munyaneza is 12 years old when her native Rwanda is drenched in blood. She still listens to Samedi Détente, but nearly all the friends and family members for whom she used to dance are dead. The young girl has to flee for Europe. It takes this musician and the author of several songs on the soundtrack to the Oscar-nominated film Hotel Rwanda­ 20 years to return to her carefree childhood.

Her stage presence is electrifying; she sings, dances, and tells her story, guided by primal desire after having survived genocide. Her voice, her movements, and her face are unforgettable.


Dorothée Munyaneza – World-renowned French singer, author, musician, performance artist and choreographer Munyaneza originally hails from Rwanda. After spending 14 years in London, she now lives with her family in Marseille. Her film music debut on the soundtrack of the Oscar-nominated 2004 feature film, Hotel Rwanda.

She has been interested in music since childhood, and studied song and social work in the UK. Her professional introduction to the international music arena came with the album “Volume5-Anatomic,” on which she appeared as a guest of the multi-genre band Afro Celt Sound System. Her first solo album Earth Songs was release in 2010 (available on iTunes since 2012).

She often performs for humanitarian goals and also teaches with the South African social circus Zip Zap. She is passionate about social integration through music and art in general, and would like to one day establish a school of music for children and youth in her native Rwanda, which she regularly visits.


In French with Czech and English subtitles
Duration: 75 min.



Direction of production and diffusion: Emmanuel Magis, Anahi
Outside point of view: Mathurin Bolze
Light designer: Christian Dubet
Set designer: Vincent Gadras
Costume designer: Tifenn Morvan
Stage manager: Marion Piry
Cast: Mani Asumani Mungai (dance), Alain Mahé (music and improvisation), Dorothée Munyaneza
Production: Cie Kadidi

Coproduction: Théâtre de Nîmes – scène conventionnée pour la danse, Théâtre La Passerelle – scène nationale de Gap et des Alpes du Sud, Théâtre des Salins – scène nationale de Martigues, L’Onde – Théâtre Centre d’Art de Vélizy-Villacoublay, Pôle Sud – centre de développe­ment chorégraphie en préfiguration Strasbourg, Théâtre Jacques Prévert – Aulnay-sous-Bois, Le Parvis – scène nationale de Tarbes, Théâtre Garonne – Tou­louse, Réseau Open Latitudes 2 avec le soutien du Programme Culture Europe, Théâtre de Liège, Théâtre de la Ville – Paris, BIT Teatergarasjen – Bergen

With the support of Théâtre Le Monfort – Paris, la Friche Belle de Mai – Marseille, la DRAC PACA – ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, la SACD – musique de scène et de l’Association Beaumarchais, Arcadi Ile-de-France / dispositif d’accompagnements and ADAMI.


In frame of TransARTE programme
Initié par l’Institut français, le programme TransARTE favorise la circulation et la promotion des formes de création nées de l’hybridation des processus et des disciplines artistiques, qui élargissent aujourd’hui les frontières du contemporain.
Conçu comme un label, ce programme innovant a été lancé en 2012 en Europe et en Amérique Latine et se développe désormais avec de nombreux partenaires à travers le monde.