Čtyři dny | Four days

Asphalt Piloten (Switzerland)

Tape Riot

/ Festival program 2015, Art in public space, Performance
  • Thursday Oct 8 / 19:00, Desfours Palace
  • Friday Oct 9 / 17:00, Desfours Palace

Mobile performance art as you have never seen it before.

Armed with thick tape, the “Asphalt Pilots” infiltrate our cities. These tape artists, dancers and DJs appear suddenly, leaving the traces of their fragile art throughout Prague. Their canvas is the urban space, whose architectural details help them to create collages mixed with music and the everyday sounds of the city. Their choreography joins the daily urban rhythm.

It is a strange moment between the viewer and his territory. The tape rioters mark street corners, their markings crossing and remaining in place long after the artists have left the city behind. Tape Riot is a live intervention in the public space into which audiences can join anytime – or they can leave, all depending on how much fun they are having.


Asphalt Piloten – this loose international association of artists, which grew out of the anarchist scene in 2009, is headed by Swiss dancer, choreographer and performance artist Anna Anderegg. They create their art exclusively in public spaces, always in combination with architecture. The group’s artistic approach is contextual and non-verbal; they use body language, music, and visual art to communicate universally. Although their site-specific works are transient in nature, their artistic style remains the same; each performance of 3-14 performers, is inspired by a specific architectural detail of the particular city. Recent works include the magical Dark Side of the Moon (2013) in the eastern French town of Mulhouse, the audio and video installation Around the Block (2013), and Between Spaces (2014). Tape Riot is the group’s best known and most award-winning project.