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The culture boss of it all

/ Discussion
  • Saturday Oct 18 / 18:00, Palác U Stýblů
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Who at Respekt magazine decides what the culture section will writer about? The editor-in-chief? The main editor? The head of the culture section? The reader? Mr. Bakala, the owner? Must the reader be always interested in what interests the culture editor? And must the culture editor be always interested in what the readers are interested in? Kamil Fila, Pavel Turek, Pavel Kroulík, and Jan H. Vitvar discuss the question of who is the boss of culture. Moderated by Adam Gebrian.

Kamil Fila

Fila studied Theory and History of Film and Audiovisual Culture at Masaryk University in Brno. He has worked for several online periodicals (Inzine, Renaultrevue, Filmpub, Filmweb, Moviezone) and has also contributed to various alternative cultural magazines (Živel, Tamto, Film a Doba). Since 2003, he has been a contributor to the film monthly Cinema, and since 2008 he has been on the editorial board of Aktuálně.cz. He joined Respekt in April 2012.

Pavel Turek

Turek studied photography at FAMU. He has worked for the culture section at Aktuálně.cz, and has been with Respekt since 2009. He writes primarily about music.

Pavel Kroulík

In December 2005, he founded the culture section at Aktuálně.cz, which he subsequently headed for several years. He joined Respekt in April 2012.

Jan H. Vitvar

Vitvar spent three years as the art director at MF DNES, and two years at the head of the culture section of Nedělní svět magazine. He has been on Respekt’s editorial board since September 2006, and is the head of the culture section, where you will also find his texts.

Adam Gebrian

Architect and theorist Gebrian is a critic and a promoter of architecture. He is a member of the editorial board of Era 21 magazine, and has hosted his own show on Radio Wave since 2009. He used to write a weekly series on architecture for Lidové noviny, and has been writing for Respekt since 2014. He also hosts the show “Gebrian vs.” on Stream.cz, where he focuses on architecture in public spaces and new buildings built using public money.


In Czech language
Estimated duration: 90 minutes