Čtyři dny | Four days

Socks from Grandma

A (mini)symposium on old age, senior citizens and intergenerational relations in the work of artists

/ Symposium, Festival program 2013
  • Saturday Feb 12 / 18:30, Palác U Stýblů
Price: 50 / 30 CZK

Are (young) artists interested in old people? To what extent is old age represented on the contemporary art scene?

Old age, relationships to grandparents, and senior citizens in general are not exactly at the centre of attention of contemporary Czech art. Subjects that are “in” today include gender, politics, intimacy or questions related to the artists’ chosen media itself. But what happens when a grandmother finds herself the focus of her grandson’s artistic exploration, or when a young artist spends a weekend in her grandparent’s empty home? Or when a theatre director puts senior citizens on stage in order for them to play themselves?

Our selection of personal 10-minute presentations by artists, playwrights, and one curator aims to bring to life old age as a subject and to show the broad range of possible ways of approaching this topic.

At the intersection of the presented projects we find a hint of nostalgia, an indirect answer to the question of what old age is actually all about, and minor musings thoughts on the flow of our personal time.


  • Kristýna Lhotáková
  • Michaela Pospíšilová Králová
  • Eva Jiřička
  • Ondřej Horák
  • Kamila Musilová
  • Adam Podhola
  • Milena Dopitová
  • Lucia Kašiarová
  • Dušan Skala
  • Ondřej Přibyl
  • Daniela Baráčková
  • Marek Ther
  • Tereza Sochorová

Moderated by: Ondřej Horák