Čtyři dny | Four days

A tour of Wenceslas square
with Vendula Hnídková

The famous era of functionalism

/ Walk, Festival program 2013
  • Saturday Feb 12 / 18:00, Palác U Stýblů

Wenceslaus Square, a grandly conceived element of the urban landscape, was not only the stage of many historical moments in the country’s history, but is also a textbook example of first-rate architecture. On our walk, we will focus in particular on the famous era of functionalist architecture, when individuals such as Baťa and Juliš built their modern-day palaces.

Vendula Hnídková is an architecture historian at the Czech Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Art History. Her main focus is on architecture’s broader relationship to and significance within society, the role of modern architecture, and the influence of politics and ideology on architectural production. She is the author of the books Pavel Janák: Obrys doby (Pavel Janák: The Contours of an Era, 2009) and Národní styl: Kultura a politika (The National Style: Culture and Politics, 2013).

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