Čtyři dny | Four days

Debris Company (SK)

piece of monologues / soliloquy & monologue

/ Theatre, Dance
  • Monday May 17 / 9.15 pm, Studio Alta
Price: 200 CZK / 150 CZK

The solo dance performance Soliloquy is an interesting stage adaptation of the final chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses, famous for its introduction of the revolutionary concept of “stream of consciousness” into the literary world. A stream of emotions, thoughts, fragments of memory and fantasy, mixed with elements of the real world, fill the stage like an unwritten page in Joyce’s novel…

Soliloquy is thus essentially homage to Joyce, his writing, straddling as it did the boundary between the consciousness and subconscious, and his experimentation with word and movement. It is also a rhythmic and ritual confession to the new era surrounding us.

Debris Company
has been creating performances for the past 15 years. The main form of expression for this ensemble, which focuses primarily on classical themes, is non-verbal performances (Kafka: The Trial, Joyce: Ulysses, Jarry: Ubu Roi etc.). Later, the ensemble began to engage in its own works, and during its existence has created some twenty evening-length performances. Its projects grow out of a familiarity with the history of contemporary dance, performance art, installations, and site-specific art. Because of its current reduced lineup, the ensemble tends towards movement and dance theatre.

Performers: Stanislava Vlčeková & Vladimír Zboroň
Choreography: Stanislava Vlčeková
Concept, direction, music, and light design: Jozef Vlk
Visual conception: Martin Piterka
Costumes: Marija Havran, Katarína Holková
Music realization: Zwiebel String Quartett
Supported by: Slovenský Institut v Praze
Copyright of photography:
Duration: 60 min

Soliloquy: No language barrier
Monologue: In Slovak language only

Performance within the project svKulTur with the support of the Ministry of Culture Slovak Republic.