Čtyři dny | Four days

Boca Loca Lab a Dominik Stein (CZ/DE)

The Twelve Merciful / Premiere

Price: // sold out //

The action takes place at the home of Mr. Stein, located at the intersection between the Spanish Synagogue, the Hospice of the Brothers Hospitallers, the Monastery of St. Agnes of Bohemia, and the imaginary “Shadow District”.

Streets, corridors, shadows, an alarm clock, the ghetto, a mirror, a toothbrush, and a musical instrument’s g-string. A combination of the present, memories, history, and eternity. An intimate encounter in a place that we usually cannot enter, with a person whom we cannot usually meet.

Tenants: Dominik Stein
Concept: Jiří Adámek, Ivana Kanhäuserová and Dominik Stein
Production: jedefrau.org

Created with the support of the City of Prague and the Czech Ministry of Culture.

Notice: extremely limited capacity

Linguistically barrier-free.