Čtyři dny | Four days

Antoine Defoort & Julien Fournet (F)


/ Theatre
  • Wednesday Mar 7 / 7.30 pm, La Fabrika
Price: 250 CZK / 180 CZK

A vacuum cleaner, two chaises-longues, several hapless musical instruments, and (most importantly) footballs, tennis balls, and volleyballs – these are the main props for Cheval, which has met with enthusiastic response throughout Europe.

French video artist and performer Antoine Defoort and his countryman Julien Fournet use these items in an unusual way – guitars function as tennis rackets, a musician plays the flute with his nose, and so on and so on… While they were creating this humorous piece full of wild adventure, the authors resolved not to be discouraged by technology that wouldn’t work, and to stop trying madly to explain everything to the audience. The result is worth it.

Julien Fournet
Lives between Lille and Brussels. Highly focused and particular. Originally studied philosophy; currently engaged in creating original artistic projects. Also works as stage designer and video artist. Is seriously involved in l’Amicale de Production, an organization dedicated to providing administrative support for the development of new artistic projects. L’Amicale de Production also organizes events for artists and the film industry, and shoots videos.

Antoine Defoort
Briefly studied mathematics before starting to focus on art. Spends most of his time working on independent projects (videos, films, audio installations, texts), which he arranges during interdisciplinary non-thematic performances mixing humor with good and tragedy with the bizarre. “I try to maintain a sense of well-being and balance between my seasonal flights of fancy, real life and contemporary art.”

[vimeo 33273838]

Concept, realisation and interpretation: Antoine Defoort and Julien Fournet
Direction: Jean-François Philips
Sound direction: François Breux
Production: l’Amicale de production
Co-producer: L’L – Lieu de recherche et d’accompagnement pour la jeune création (Bruxelles), Le Vivat, Scène conventionnée danse et théâtre – Armentières
Supported by: la malterie – Lille, Francouzský institut v Praze
Copyright of photography: Julien Fournet
Duration: 60 min.

In French and English, Czech Subtitles.