Čtyři dny | Four days

NANOHACH & Lea Švejdová (CZ)

Suna No Onna / Sand-woman

/ Theatre
  • Monday Jun 12 / 9:30 pm, Vršovice
    / Czech premiere

Inspired by Kóbó Abe homonymous book.

Fragments of original dance performance for free interpreters created for 4 + 4 Days in Motion festival 2011 in solo perfornance.

A woman lost somewhere in a sandy landscape – in a pit with no bottom, in a chasm without ladders. Reconciled with her fate and adapted to life in an unfavourable place where no one else can live. An ever-present light from the watchtower doesn’t allow her to sleep nor to dream.

A number of graduates of Duncan Centre concervatory founded contemporary dance theatre company NANOHACH in 2004. The aim of the group is to create a platform for realisation dance and theatre projects and create conditions for international artistic exchange focussing on projects that will cooperate with foreign entities. For seven years the spatially and thematically unconventional work of Czech dance ensemble Nanohach has caught the attention not only of the Czech critical community, but has equally enthralled audiences and dance professionals all over the world.


conception, choreography and dance: Lea Švejdová
music: Labakan
light design: Jan Komárek
costumes: Mariana Novotná
photo: Marek Novotný
production and performance management: Honza Malík / Nanohach o.s.
duration: 20min
coproducer: Divadlo Konvikt o.s. Olomouc
supported by: Městská část Prahy 5, Magistrát hl.m. Praha, MK ČR, Nadace Život umělce, Festival 4+4dny v pohybu, Alt@rt o.s., divadlo Ponec Praha, Konzervatoř Duncan centre, Studio Dance Perfect.