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Čtyři dny | Four days

Mammalian Diving Reflex (CA)

Haircuts by Children

/ Theatre
  • Tuesday Nov 15 / 12–4 pm, Toni & Guy
  • Monday Aug 11 / 12–4 pm, Toni & Guy

Following successful presentations in Montreal, Milan, London, and Los Angeles, Mammalian Diving Reflex brings Haircuts by Children to Prague – bearing nothing more than a pair of scissors. The public is invited to participate in this living performance, which will confirm your faith in the future. Mammalian Diving Reflex asks you to put your hair in the hands of young Czech hairdressers – after all, children will soon be handed real “scissors” with which to shape our world and our lives. Each of these young “hairstylists” will one day have the right to vote, to run for president, to drive a streetcar… Haircuts by Children! is a performance about all of our faith in the future.

MAMMALIAN DIVING REFLEX was created 1993 in Toronto as a “research art-atelier” focused primarily on the social aspects of art. As a result, MDR’s projects are one-time-only projects, theater performances, and happenings. According to the group’s mission statement, its goal is “to create activist performance able to meld polemic with artistic rigour, creating work that is meticulous, uncompromising and thorough in its examination of political and social ontologies while still maintaining a total commitment to easy accessibility and entertainment.” Members range in age from thirteen to eighty. In its theoretical writings, MDR makes frequent use of the term “social acupuncture” to describe the act of breaking down the barriers between art and everyday life.

More at: www.mammalian.ca

Production: Motus o. s.
Supported by: Toni&Guy, Prima Love, Radio 1, Kulturní Pecka, Protišedi.cz, Holečkova apartments, Integraf, Hl. m. Praha, Respekt a Canadian embassy.