Čtyři dny | Four days

4 + 4 + 1 Music night

Sad Linguini / Vyktoryja / Časovač / Marbles / Dukla

  • Saturday May 13 / 19:00–23:00, Erpet Smíchov
100 CZK / children under 15 free

For the third time we invite you to a musical night held as part of the 4+4 Days in Motion festival. This year’s event is again held at the former Erpet sports center and features Sad Linguini, Vyktoryja, Časovač and others.


19:00 Sad Linguini
19:30 Vyktoryja
20:15 The Marbles
21:30 Časovač
22:30 Dukla



Časovač is a band of musicians with long-term experience from other music projects. Their goal is to make music of the same quality and level as famous or less famous international bands but with Czech lyrics. Their scope ranges from classical genres (funk, rock) to more recent trends that are influenced by electronics and modern pop. They have released their first single “V hlavě mý” and are finishing their debut album.



She has played the piano since she was 10, then she started singing and composing her own songs. For Vyktoryja, writing and composing is a kind of diary of therapy. When sad, she starts playing the piano and sings everything out loud. She likes looking for interesting combinations and being influenced by various genres from the classical music of old-school hip hop.


Sad Linguini

He started making music at the age of 17 and he tried to do beats at the beginning. It somehow came naturally to him that he would love to create fully-fledged projects with singing, electric guitar, and everything else. The end of 2022 saw the release of his songs, which motivated him to further develop in music. His biggest inspiration sources are Dream Ivory, Ekkstacy, and Lil Peep.



The band that sings “from the bottom of their heart” is shrouded by the sound of carefree alternative music of the late 1980s with Galaxy 500 vibes or 1990s bands like Priessnitz with electric undertones. The lyrics are super catchy because they can easily associate with all young people who refuse to go to sleep at ten at night, roam the streets, and nurture their inverted form of flânerie, waiting outside Prior for five years. The poeticism that resonates in stanzas and choruses seems to say the following in the Vladimír Holan manner: “My life is fantastic because it is mundane”. Even though the images are often associated with Prague recesses, highly sensitive people can experience what the songs are about in any other city.



Marbles is Prague based indie-pop band which started at 2019. Their aim is to pull in the listeners to the melancholic atmosphere and to transmit their own thoughts about live by their lyrics.