Čtyři dny | Four days

Sensorium – Take A Break From Being Human

Yu En-Ping

One-on-one performance
  • Saturday Oct 15 / 14:00–18:30, Erpet Smíchov
  • Sunday Oct 16 / 14:00–18:30, Erpet Smíchov
Price: 50 CZK (within an entrance fee for an exhibition)

The performance “Sensorium – Take A Break From Being Human” is a multi-disciplinary one-on-one performance that invites the audience to imagine the otherness. In the 60 minutes performance, audience members will go through two rooms to experience how certain animals use their sense of smell. The performance premiered at Hybernska Gallery, Prague in February 2022.


Dramaturg: Yu En-Ping
Performers: Mara Ingea, Eglė Šimėnaitė
Set up: Yu En-Ping, Mara Ingea, Eszter Koncz
Sound Design: Valtteri Alanen
With the support of Lovable Humans Spolek


To enroll to the performance:

You can check the available time slots from this link.

Please choose a time slot that is available, and write to the email address below to reserve the spot. You will get a confirmation email once the reservation is successful.


(The performance is for 2 people at one time slot. Duration: 60 min)