Čtyři dny | Four days

The Dream in a Supermarket

Michał Salwiński (PL)

Journey-structure like’ performance/ one - on - one
Oct 12 Wednesday 12+14+16+18+20h Shopping Mall Nový Smíchov (Anděl) fully booked
Oct 13 Thursday
/ fully booked
12+14+16+18+20h Shopping Mall Nový Smíchov (Anděl)
Oct 14 Friday
/ fully booked
12+14+16+18+20h Shopping Mall Nový Smíchov (Anděl)
Oct 15 Saturday
/ fully booked
12+14+16+18+20h Shopping Mall Nový Smíchov (Anděl)

With the participation in the performance you will join the expedition and have a chance to re-imagining your connection with a supermarket by tracing your attachments with the objects that you can buy there.

The journey offers space- time traveling, exploring the hidden parts of the supermarket and tracing the objects that make the feeling shine. It is a shopping experience in the flavor of “fantasia”.  Who could imagine a shopping center is a portal to magic?

Join the unique shopping experience of contemplating the supermarket universe.

The Astronaut on the phone will navigate you by story-telling and simple -playful instructions.

You will trace emotions, attachments, memories and your sense of value in the wonderful supermarket universe.

Read the message from the journey-companionship Astronaut:

“My imaginary-journey began in my hometown Krakow in Poland, in the terrain of my childhood. In the last decade of the XX century, the time of transformation from communism to capitalism, the supermarket was an unknown island, like a space station from a science-fiction movie.  Join my companionship to the journey between past – present and imagination – consumption.  To find out what connects us as the ‘supermarket tribe’?” 


Performance length: 60-80 min.

12.–15. 10.
12:00 / 14:00 / 16:00 / 18:00 / 20:00


Reservation required. Project for one participant at time.

Performance is in simple English.

On your email address you will get all the information with the instruction to the starting point of the journey. Please reserve your spot via email:  m.sandera@centrum.cz


Performer / Directing: Michał Salwiński (PL)
Dramaturgy / Mentoring: Cristina Maldonado (MX)
Dramaturgy / consultation: Lukas Jiricka (CZ)