Čtyři dny | Four days

Jakub Štorek: Love songs

  • Thursday Oct 13 / 21:00, Erpet Smíchov
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“Do what I say!” my mother shouted.
I ran to my room and looked out the window.
Outside, it was neither snowing nor raining. No leaves were rustling, no birds were flying.
No facades were crumbling, no abandoned animals wandering, no branches in the wind, no tears, no scents, no radio.
Melancholy left me that day.”
(Jakub Štorek, Nothing New, but into the Microphone, Prague 2020)

“Although ‘Fresh Breadcrumbs,’ ‘Sleeping Pills for a Tired Child,’ or ‘Heart of Flexible Porcelain’ are certainly not world-famous examples of songwriting, I quite enjoyed them.
I will nevertheless admit that I opened a good wine that evening and was looking forward to a new set of speakers that were supposed to arrive from Zurich towards the end of the week. I actually far more prefer to listen to jazz.” (Erik Kloster, Erinnerungen an das Tageslicht, 2022)

“That untrustworthy Czech-German songwriter truly has good luck when choosing musicians.”
(D. K., 2022)

“I don’t know that.”
(B. Mehldau, 2021)

Jakub Štorek: vocals, guitar
Miroslav Nosek: guitar
Jan Keller: bass guitar, cello
Jakub Dvořáček: piano, keyboard
Jan Dvořák: percussion
Štěpán Zbytovský: flute, bass clarinet