Čtyři dny | Four days

From the church in Zlíchov to Císařská louka, the Imperial meadow

A guided walking tour with Jiří Sádlo

  • Saturday Oct 15 / 15:00, Erpet Smíchov
Price: 120 CZK

Meet at Zlíchov tram stop (trams heading towards downtown)


Some possible subjects for discussion and showing: Oh, you clear blue Vltava. Deregulating public space, or: for freedom in the city. Green old-timers, newcomers, foreigners, escaped slaves, hobos, and drifters. A requiem for The Merry Goat. Autumn on the rocky steppe. Corridors and oases of the countryside. Imperial? No. Meadow? Yes! Europe’s largest organism. And all that remains of our love are the poplars.

Jiří Sádlo works for the Czech Academy of Sciences’ Botanical Institute. He is interested in the intersection between the humanities and the natural sciences: for instance, the evolution of the landscape, nature in the city, and the sociology of plants. Anything that does not fit in the category of science overlaps into the arts. He is friends with Prague’s surrealists and has been honored for his work at popularizing science. He has a great family, except that his dogs dig up everything in his garden because they are too big.