Čtyři dny | Four days

The River

Studio Damúza (Czech Republic)

For audiences ages 2 and up
  • Sunday Sep 26 / 16:00, Garden
The River is the title of a puppet show full of water. When you reach the river, look around you.
The river is elemental, it is a mighty force, a source of water, home to a thousand animals.
If you stay quiet, you’ll see them.
There they are!
Fish, ducks, newts, snakes, crayfish, salamanders, beavers, frogs.
Amazing, huh?
Just make sure not to get wet!

Studio Damúza, established in 1999 by students from DAMU, is a production company focused on original puppet and object theater, mainly for children, including the absolutely youngest age groups. In its work, Damúza places an emphasis on precision, innovation, and above all on understanding children’s audiences as equal partners. Damúza’s long-term goal is to support work by art school students and recent graduates.


Written and directed by: Štěpán Gajdoš
With: Kateřina Bejčková, Matouš Fendrych, Matěj Šumbera / Kryštof Grygar

 The performance lasts 30 minutes (+ 15 minutes for the kids to explore the stage…)