Čtyři dny | Four days

Spitfire Company

Fragments #2 – Staging vs. installation

Oct 12 Thursday
/ generálka
20:00 Karlín Barracks
Oct 13 Friday
/ premiéra
18:00 Karlín Barracks Online prodej vstupenek
Oct 13 Friday
/ premiéra
20:00 Karlín Barracks Online prodej vstupenek
Oct 14 Saturday 18:00 Karlín Barracks Online prodej vstupenek
Price: 150 Kč

The human mind is incapable of absorbing all the reality taken in by the eye. We think we retain and subsequently interpret everything  that we see or hear, but how can we be sure that we are not deceiving ourselves?

Fragments #2 is, metaphorically speaking, a broken mirror of the performance entitled Fragments of Love Images – fragments of fragments that were fragments of reality and of our lives even when they were created. In Fragments #2, we consider the notion of installing a human body like a work of art that, when it is transformed in time, offers us a message. The body interprets the painting, and the painting interprets the body in an infinite back-and-forth.

Love images, which are our main interest, represent a tragic element of our lives. We must not succumb to the temptation to think that love images exist or do not exist because of beauty. They are so much more: a diagnosis of our neurotic existence. ​

The passion of love is delirium.


The Spitfire Company is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017. In this time, it has expanded to become an internationally active theater ensemble whose works have won prestigious foreign and domestic awards. The Spitfire Company’s productions have been presented in more than 25 countries on three continents, with more than 200 performances abroad. The group’s main focus is on transgressive, multi-genre theater projects combining contemporary dance, live music, theater, art, movement, and questioning. The group’s founders are Miřenka Čechová and Petr Boháč.

Duration: 60 min.


Idea, directed by, scenography: Petr Boháč, Miřenka Čechová
Dramaturgy: Dominika Špalková
With: Roman Zotov, Inga Mikshina, Petr Boháč, Miřenka Čechová, Alice Bauer
Music: Eliška Cílková
Song: Alice Bauer 
Costumes: Miřenka Čechová
Lighting: Martin Špetlík
Sound: Miroslav Hvizdoš
Inspicient: Jindřich Fejfar
Production: Barbora Repická, Tereza Havlíčková 
Production coordinator: Ludmila Vacková
Produced by: Bezhlaví z.s. / Spitfire Company
Co-produced by: Palác Akropolis (Art Frame s.r.o.)​, ​Drak Theatre – Institute of Figurative Art
Partners: Johan Centrum / Moving Station, Švestkový dvůr / Malovice

In 2015–17, the City of Prague has supported the Spitfire Company with an amount of CZK 1,200,000