Čtyři dny | Four days


/ Discussion
Oct 2 Sunday 18:00 Municipal buildings
Oct 4 Tuesday 18:00 Municipal buildings
Oct 8 Saturday 19:00 Municipal buildings
Price: Within the admission fee to the exhibition (50 CZK)

Unique meetings of individuals who, because of their very different professions, would probably never have met. And even if they did, they would never have the time to talk about their feelings and opinions, or about the joys and fears they feel from their work. We are interested in their preoccupations, in the reasons for their unease, in their personal viewpoints and unique ways of seeing the world. Subjectively moderated by Daniela Voráčková and Jakub Hradilek

2. 10.

Attorney Ondřej Kochman, surgeon Robert Lischke, non-profit gallery curator Markéta Vinglerová and journalist Veronika Bednářová, emergency service dispatcher Jan Boháč.

4. 10.

Editor-in-chief of the “Memory of Nations Sites” web application Ondřej Nezbeda, director Viktoria Čermáková, documentary filmmaker Erika Hníková and artist Václav Girsa.

8. 10.

Photographer Eva Melo, art restorer and initiator of the “Domestic Art” collection Pablo de Sax, and nurse at “The Road Home” hospice association Lenka Attelová, professional firefighter Václav Böhm, and boxing coach Jan Balog.