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Architecture available!

/ Festival program 2015, Exhibition
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    // Open air – Fence at Na Florenci street, Praha 1

Curator: Pavel Štorek

The exhibition documenting successful models of conversion of former industrial buildings and premises into important cultural and art centres in Europe.

Amsterdam – Bergen – Berlin – Brussels –  – Helsingør  – Budapest – Geneve – Guimarães – Hamburg – Leipzig – Ljubljana- London – Lyon – Paris – St. Gallen – Turku – Venezia – Vienna – Zürich – Žilina

The exhibition ARCHITECTURE AVAILABLE! is a cursory, yet not coincidental flight over several European cities. It documents and proves that successful models of conversions of former industrial buildings and premises can change into important and famous cultural centres with the support of local communities and administration. The documentation with examples refers to new attitudes of artists, architects and urban planners or simply society where the abandoned becomes the long-desired, the poorly adaptable becomes the suitable, and the old and weary becomes the new and hopeful. Those are places that radically reassess the relation of traditions and the present in art and architecture.


Graphic design: Egon Tobiáš

Photo: © Pavel Štorek – © Fabrica ASA – © Kulturværftet – © Stiftung Lokremise – © Jussi Tiainen/ Vapaavuori architects – Pekka Vapaavuori – © Ankerbrot AG

Supported by:
Plzeň – evropské hlavní město kultury 2015
Industriální stopy
Galerie Jaroslava Frágnera