Čtyři dny | Four days

With Karolína Vránková – a walking tour of modern-day palaces

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  • Saturday Oct 18 / 16:00, Palác U Stýblů

PRO CITY WALKS – get to know your city and its public spaces. Specific, personal looks at a selected locality – Wenceslas Square and its immediate environs.

Wenceslas Sqaure – the palaces of our era. Mafiosos, investors, idealists. Euphoria and hangover. Taste and lack of taste. Billions. The constant need to build. Those were the ’90s and ’00s, years that left their mark on Wenceslas Square. Euro, Langhans, Diamant, Darex, Copa, Metropole. Let’s have a look at the palaces of our era, the newest buildings on Wenceslas Square and its immediate surroundings.

Karolína Vránková has been a contributing editor at Respekt magazine since 2007. She writes about housing, architecture, design, style, the environment, advertising, and all the things that are changing around us. She is interested in the sociology of housing, and on her guided tour of Wenceslas Square she will focus in particular on palaces of bad taste. 

Tour in Czech language
Duration: approximately 90 minutes