Čtyři dny | Four days

Vladimír 518, Ondřej Anděra, David Vrbík (CZ)


/ Audiovisual project
Oct 14 Tuesday
/ premiere
20:00 ÚLUV
Oct 16 Thursday
/ 190 CZK / seated tickets | LIMITED CAPACITY
19:30 ÚLUV Online ticket sale
Oct 16 Thursday
/ 120 CZK / standing tickets
19:30 ÚLUV Online ticket sale

The audiovisual project known as SPAM was originally created as an experimental offshoot of the TOW theater ensemble that specialized on different ways of accompanying sound and image. Despite all its digressions towards audiovisual concerts, it has always been basically theatrical in both its approach and its ideas. The new performance for 4+4 Days in Motion thus combines an innovative audiovisual work with a live movement-based performance. The main theme of SPAM – SMRT is the phenomenon of death and the circle of life, presented on both the universal level as well as through the specific story of one human being. Collaborating on the performance are Vladimir 518, David Vrbík, and Ondřej Anděra with the dance duo of Jana Vrána and Palo Kršiak.

Vladimír 518 is one of the longest-performing rappers on the Czech hip-hop scene. He is a member of the PSH group and the founder of the label/group Bigg Boss. He is also a distinctive personality on the graffiti scene, an illustrator, comic-book artist, and scenographer.

Ondřej Anděra is a founder and member of the WWW musical group. He is involved in numerous multimedia projects with a long-term focus on the combination of modern interactive media with live theater and concert performances.

David Vrbík works as an audio engineer at the Theatre of the Estates and is a long-time collaborator on SPAM projects.


Duration: 50 minutes
In Czech language

Supported by:
Czech Ministry of Culture, City of Prague, Czech State Culture Fund